Kasbah Gold Earrings – The World Of Indah


These classic earrings glimmer in the sunshine; refining any day or night time look by adding a pop of a radiant sparkle.

All of The World Of INDAH gems were designed by Coco, handcrafted in Indonesia by our talented team of artisans using traditional techniques & tools from recycled brass then dipped in 18k gold.

About The Brand

Welcome to The World Of INDAH; adorn your self in sustainable empowerment jewelry. All of our jewelry designs are composed from recycled materials; handcrafted using traditional Indonesian techniques & tools then dipped in 24k yellow or white gold. 

Each jewelry piece is infused with love & positive energy allowing you to feel a true sense of empowerment while wearing your precious INDAH gems. Wear your treasures around the world to help balance your chakras, for assistance with both grounding & protection. Charge your gems during Purnama, the moonlight will cleanse and recharge your INDAH pieces.

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